Jackie has a calm and intuitive spirit.  She's a child of Light and Power! She has always been an inspiration to me.  She encourages others to pursue with passion, tenacity, and relentlessness.  Most of all she is a gift sharing herself with anyone who is willing to receive!  She loves to see others prosper and she will push you into your greatness even through her silence!! I love her!! 


I’ve found it a rare occurrence to meet people like Jackie. As a friend, I can tell you that she’s well-rounded, level-headed, and quite an intelligent woman. We’ve had many conversations where she’s dropped something on my mind and left my mouth open after hanging up the phone. That’s the effect of her unique perspective. 

Having the opportunity to work with her as a Life Coach was even more captivating.  

She’s an attentive listener, capable of capturing your words and articulating your goals in  empowering way that makes you feel like you’ve already accomplished them. She’s also that keen observer--even if you didn’t say it, she can pick that up and get to the bottom of it.


Her coaching style ( to empower) was most effective for me. She had a way of steering me outside of my box, and when I followed her methods, I noticed she led me right to the answers—within. That’s what qualified coaches do (draw out the GREAT things that are deep inside).

I’m thinking about going another round with her… 


Ms. Jackie is a woman with a beautiful spirit. She is very passionate about sharing her gift to encourage others to pursue their dreams and passion for life. Jackie has been an inspiration to me in such that she has the ability to make one see greater perspective on life's experiences. Jackie is an amazing mother, friend, and coach and I am very thankful for her. 


Jackie was there for me at a very scary and confusing time for me. She was encouraging and  made me feel comfortable. I didn’t feel as alone being at Cancer Treatment Center of America without my family. She was a friend when I needed one the most. 


Working with Jackie has been amazing. She helped me become clear on my goals, was a great accountability partner, and spoke positive affirmations that kept me motivated. Her coaching program is the definition of healing on all levels, and I'm so happy to have had her as a coach!


My experience with Jackie was one I will forever be thankful for! She was very patient, kind understanding and gentle.  She always chose to inquire over judgment, she made suggestions without demands and always listened before offering advice. She is equally inspiring and encouraging.  It was an honor to work with such a genuine spirit. After my sessions with her, I am inspired, above all else, to honor myself and trust my journey.


Jackie is an excellent, well-experienced coach who has various, creative, customized approaches to best guide people. She is very patient, understanding and kind. It is obvious that her interest is to bring the best out of her clients.  Being from a different country, I appreciated her understanding and knowledge in diverse cultures and backgrounds.  Because of her coaching, I was able to discover and learn about myself and to start working toward my new goals with a renewed mind and different perspectives.  Thank you Jackie.


Five Star Excellent Service.  Having Jackie as my life coach was a blessing, she helped me in so many ways, her excellent listening skills, and offering many different aspects of teaching and showing me how to continue to move forward when I felt helpless.

Her words of wisdom, her voice so calming, her aurora so great! Jackie is a person who makes you feel strong and powerful in her presence and teaching.  Jackie is  a person who always offer her time and gives her blessings to anyone in need. She is my  hero! She is my angel! I am blessed to have such a beautiful, selfless, forgiving person in my life!